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To educate and inform parents and professionals about best practice in breastfeeding, neonatal skincare/cordcare and other related midwifery subjects.

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What our visitors say...

I wish there had been a website like this to come to and find good advice. So, keep up the good work, you're developing a really great website!

Sue from Selborne

I'm going to take this opportunity to say I love TIPs and was so happy it was recommended to me.  I love reading the newsletter and learning things. It's as if TIPs was created with me in mind, with parenting issues and products that I am interested in.  I love that the products get reviewed by parents and I really enjoy doing the testing.

Annabel from London

Just discovered your site completely by chance …in prep for the birth of my first baby Sept/Oct (very glad I found you too!)

Jess from Hove

I just wanted to let you know where we were up to and once again say thank you for all your support

Ruth from St Helens

Just wanted to say thanks so much for collating this latest research on baby skincare products. I think with the recent TV programmes on how many potentially harmful chemicals are lurking in the most innocuous seeming products, claiming to be "pure", "natural" and "organic"- it is brilliant that all this information is available to us. I only hope that with raised media profile, truly natural products free from parabens, sodium laureth sulphate etc will be available if not in the supermarkets, at least in health food shops and independent pharmacies and will be as affordable as possible.

Emma from Hull

Thank you very much for your advice!!  When I think about it, I obviously don't mind being up in the middle of the night, it is mainly when people start asking if he is sleeping through the night and telling me he is now in a habit and I am just encouraging this habit that I feel the pressure. I guess it was made worse when the HV told me he should def be sleeping by now. My husband read your email and he said "FINALLY SOMEONE SENSIBLE!" as his view has always been if he is waking up it is because he needs it. I am glad we have been in touch and you have made me feel that I am doing the right thing. As you said I should enjoy these precious moments as he is growing up very quickly and won't be able to cuddle him in the middle of the night forever!

Nadia from Ashtead

Congratuations Sharon, what a cool award, in style and recognition of your leaflet.

Elaine from Dundonald

Many Thanks for your speedy response on this. We stopped using the cream and low and behold Thomas' eczema cleared up. It's not totally gone but it's so much better than before. We tried the oats in the bath and I liked it; Thomas saw it as a toy!

Amanda K.

You've been such a help to us and you're the first person I think of calling when things go're a kind of surrogate mum to me!!  Your children are very lucky to have you.....particularly when they're all grown and have children of their own!  I really hope you remain a part of our lives.

Natalie from Kent

Sharon - I think you were meant to phone me this morning!! I felt a whole lot better after speaking to you and felt I was taking control back as I was beginning to feel a bit left on my own not knowing what was right or wrong - THANKYOU!!

Eunice from Port William

What our testers say...

As you recommended last year, I stopped using any products on Stuart except for the lovely product I tested which I only use on his face/hands and bum, and also stopped using fabric softener and his skin has been fantastic since. No more bad outbreaks of eczema!

Fiona from Kilmarnock

I just want to say that the nappy cream I had ages ago that I tested has been brilliant - it's worked wonders on Lewis sore, blistered bum. Even the girl at the nursery said how fab it was when I took it in with Lewis - so much so that she'd told other parents about it!

Rebecca from Burton Latimer

It's quite exciting getting the chance to try some baby products - and even influence them in some way! I look forward to my next delivery (parcel, that is!!).

Kate from Ayr

Thank you Sharon for organizing these fantastic prizes, i love testing products for you and the competitions are an added bonus. You must be on the phone and emailing lots of people all the time to arrange everything.

Joanne from Wolverhampton

Thanks very much for the Biofem samples, they have been great and I have bought some more. Thanks also for your advice, it made me feel much better and I'm now breastfeeding like its second nature! It's still difficult at times (mainly at 2 and then at 3.30 and then at 5 in the morning!) but I know it will get better!

Audrey from Coatbridge

What the professionals say...

Thank you so much, Sharon, for such a speedy and comprehensive reply. It's very comforting to know that there's such a wealth of experience and expertise out there.

Elaine Brown  (

I've been introduced to your website by a colleague (NCT Antenatal Teacher) and think it's fantastic.  I will definitely add it to my "recommended websites list" that I give out to the expectant couples I teach.

Helen (Worcester & Droitwich NCT)

Your book made very interesting reading – you are an accomplished writer and thank heavens for your sane voice in today's greedy corporate profit driven world.

Mary O'Dwyer (author of Hold it Sister and founder of )

My hypnobirthing client has been having trouble feeding. Anyways, she has just had a lactation consultant do a home visit and guess what? Baby has a tongue-tie, so your current newsletter couldn't be more appropriate! lol

Just wanted to share... they should be having the snip any day and then hopefully all will settle down.

Soshanna from London

What our breastfeeders say...

Sharon your picture of you and your son in the newsletter had me in tears this morning as it reminds me of my last feed with Hannah and I took a picture as well, and it still upsets me to look at my own picture, as I feel she was made to grow up from then on, I never offered and she never asked and that was the end for us, but now I have a new baby experience.

Donna from Greenock

Just a very quick email to round off the day - best feeling today? Seeing Pierre literally throw himself at my boobs then sit up ten minutes later, with his cheeky two-toothed grin on his face and my milk dribbling off his chin! Another breastfeeding story ends happily - don't forget to put your wonder woman leotard through the wash though, especially in this heat!!

Cheryl from Hastings

I've just finished reading "Breastfeeding: the essential guide", thank you so much for this wonderful book. I think it's an absolute must have for every mother! I wish I've read it while I was pregnant! Though I'm still breastfeeding my 19 months old daughter, in the beginning it was horrible and painful and no good advice coming from midwives coming over during first weeks.

Natalija from Bolton

Just thought I'd let you know that I have finally managed to get on a 12 week breastfeeding support worker course. Starts in September and I can't wait... Thanks for all your help and advice over the past year.

Sarah from Loughborough

Thanks very much for your tips on breastfeeding, they really helped.  I'm really enjoying the experience I just wish more people would do it!!!! I am going to look into where there is a support group.  It would be good to swap stories with other mothers.

Aileen F.

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