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Breastfeeding: the essential guide Print E-mail

Breastfeeding: the essential guide

This book is perfect for women thinking about breastfeeding or interested in finding out more. It is easy to read, non-judgemental and above all realistic.

There is a staggering array of breastfeeding books on the market. Much is written about the reasons why breastfeeding is unsuccessful. I believe that the successful establishment of breastfeeding is greatly improved by providing accurate information within a supportive environment. All advice needs to be easy-to-follow, evidence-based, non-judgemental, realistic and above all enthusiastically presented and fun to experience.

In many ways my book's development is analogous to the process of pregnancy and birth. Its conception took place in May 2002 when my youngest son, at 29 months old, was still breastfeeding. I started to write down my thoughts and tips about breastfeeding and this quickly developed, so that within three weeks I had the embryo of a book.


Here are comments from readers you may know:

  • "I adored the photographs in the book - they are charming!". Claire Rayner, Author and President of the Patients Association

  • I so enjoyed reading this refreshing, informative and dare I say exciting approach to breastfeeding by Sharon Trotter. Easy to read, it is packed with really useful, practical information for mothers, midwives or other health professionals, concerned with successful breastfeeding. Sharon's approach avoids being zealous or patronising but rather persuades the reader that breastfeeding is wholly worthwhile and ultimately satisfying for mother and baby. I recommend it as a jolly good read'. Dame Lorna Muirhead DBE (Immediate past President of the RCM) Dec. 2004

  • 'I think it's a great book - with such an important message. I wish you every luck with it. Get it to as many publishers you can think of now. And, if it would help to have a quick 'foreword' from me (totally free obviously) then I'd be happy to write it.' Anne Diamond, writer and broadcaster

  • 'You're right I am a breastfeeding supporter of enthusiastic proportions. If I meet anyone useful I will most definitely pass on your book. In the meantime, good luck!" Nigella Lawson, writer and cookery presenter

  • 'I have managed to have a quick look through the book and I am sure you are aware there are so many different books and leaflets on the market, so it was lovely to see that you had actually taken the time to get informative information across to all of the people who are still uncertain about breastfeeding.'
    Michelle G Mone
    , founder and co-owner of MJM International

  • 'I thought it was very interesting and informative and I hope that it is not long before you find a publisher. I'm sure a lot of new mothers would find it very useful - lots of luck with the project.' Eamonn Holmes, GMTV presenter

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You can buy Breastfeeding: your essential guide from:

  • Glasgow Pram Centre
    25-29 McFarlane Street, Glasgow G4 0TL
    Phone 0141 552 3998

  • Hospital Volunteers Coffee Shop
    Ayrshire Maternity UnitCrosshouse Hospital, Kilmarnock KA2 0BE

  • Kilmarnock Pram Centre
    2 New Mill Road, Kilmarnock KA1 3JF
    Phone 01563 520 075
  • Ronnie Allan Equilibrium Therapeutics Ltd
    21 Trenchard Court
    South Harbour Street, Ayr KA7 1JU
    Phone 01292 880 4423

  • The Bookshelf
    Church Street, Troon KA10 6AU
    Phone 01292 317 052
some photos from the book
settled baby
Ashley settled after a feed
baby breastfeeding
Ashley 3 days old
breastfeeding baby
Ashley's Christmas lunch 1987
breastfeeding a dolly
Ashley breasfeeds her dolly
toddler feeding baby
Ashley weaning her Jason
toddler winding dolly
Ashley winding her dolly
baby with breastpad hat
Breastpads make good hats
dad and babies
Daddy does some babysitting
breastfeeding at bed time
Drinks before bedtime
Baby fixing on the breast
Miles fixing onto the breast
newborn first feed
Our son Jason's first feed


Breastfeeding: the essential guide
by Sharon Trotter
Published by TIPS Limited, 2004
ISBN: 0954838106

Here is what some Mums said:

'I read it all, as soon as I got it. I am now four months pregnant and am very confident about breastfeeding this baby, thanks to your help and support. I hope you will write more books, as I would certainly buy it in the shops.'
Mother of two bottlefed babies, hoping to breastfeed this one

'A very clear, simple to understand nd compelling read for anyone considering breastfeeding. It is as if the Author is talking just to you.'
Midwife and mother of two breastfed babies

'We all thought it was a great idea to have a handbag sized reference book and thought it was very informative, especially for first timers.' Mother-to-be and friend

'If I was new to it all again, I would definitely consider breastfeeding, after reading your book.' Mother of two bottle-fed babies

'This book would certainly have encouraged me to persevere with my attempts at breastfeeding (which were not successful, due to a lack of help, information and encouragement). Its easy to read, light-hearted and full of good advice - you can't go wrong!'
Mother of three bottle-fed babies

'A very interesting, humorous and informative read. You tell it, as it is, warts and all. I'm sure this would give mums the confidence and encouragement to stick with it.' Friend - no children yet

'It brings back many happy memories. Your style of writing is refreshing, down-to-earth, realistic and is easy to read for all. I liked your 'Did you know' section and your personal feelings maintained my interest, making me keen to read more.' Midwife and mother of two breastfed babies

'When I saw the amount of pages, I thought I would find it boring and end up not reading it at all. However, it was totally the opposite, it was a really informative read, that is enjoyable at the same time.' Mother-to-be (now a successful breastfeeder!)

'I couldn't put it down! Even though I didn't manage to breastfeed my son 35 years ago! I found it a very enjoyable read. I just wish it had been around for me, then I may well have been more successful.' Mature mother of one bottle-fed baby

'It was obviously written with a lot of passion for the subject and was very informative to one that has never been involved! I also found it humorous in bits and loved the bit about keeping a kitty for carry-out meals!' Friend-no children yet

'I was given a draft of your book from my friend. I have enjoyed reading it very much and my only wish being that you had written it a year ago, before I started to breastfeed my baby daughter.'
Mother of one breastfed baby

I LOVE your book. The mixture of information and the personal touch is wonderful. I wish I had had this when my babies were born. You put the message across with passion and humour. It's a very easy read! Midwife, friend and mother of three breastfed babies

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